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Disappearing Act

Sorry for the long absence in updating the blog. Been tied up with work or researching work related stuff.

Anyway, it’s not just me doing the disappearing act; David Copperfield did a disappearing act as well. The scheduled “World of Wonder” show on Nov 2 and Nov 3 has been officially canceled. Copperfield is now currently being investigated for alleged rape. Please read here for more information. He should have just made the gal disappear!!

Quite disappointing that his shows are canceled. Peiwen and I have been really looking forward to it. My colleague was supposed to go as well. She was even more enthusiastic. It seems like she was toying with the idea of creating “PICK ME!!!” banners in case Copperfield intended to invite guests for magic acts.

Oh well… since the ticket price will be refunded, I will have slightly more funds for my imminent purchase of Nintendo Wii!!!

Wii.. here I come!!


Sinful Brownie

What do you do when you have a microwave oven capable of convection cooking? You bake cakes and brownies of course. So behold, the brownie that my wife baked over the weekend.


Walnut brownies topped with delightful ice cream. Will definitely help you put on the pounds that you’ve worked very hard to lose!!

It’s pretty simple to do, took about an hour to make including preparation and cooking time. Ingredients include

  • 85g self raising flour
  • 85g cocoa powder
  • 250g fine sugar
  • 250g chocolate bits
  • 330g butter
  • 4 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 125g walnut
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence

All you have to do is sift together flour and cocoa powder and add in the sugar. Then add in the butter (melted), eggs and vanilla essence and blend well. Add in the chocolate bits and walnuts pieces. Mix all these well and pour onto a baking tray.

After that just bake in oven at 180 degrees celcius for about 25-30 minutes and you’re done. Simple right? So if you have an oven, what are you waiting for, just bake your own brownie!!

Fishy Dinner

Cooked my own dinner tonight. Nothing shocking, I cook dinner at home most of the time since moving into my new home. For the skeptics out there, I’m the one that does the cooking and not Peiwen. She helps out with the preparation and cleaning whilst I do the cooking (I’ve really gotten a good deal here, since prep and cleaning are really hard…).

Bake Fish 1

Bake Fish 2

I just use frozen sutchi fillets (it’s like dory fish) which I got from NTUC. All I did was defrost the fish and marinate with

  • Olive Oil
  • Mustard
  • Basil
  • Paprika
  • Garlic and Pepper Seasoning
  • Butter

for about 30 minits. I then just popped it into the oven at 180 degrees celcius for 25 minutes uncovered. Once done I just propped the fish onto some lettuce and baby carrots and voila, it’s done! Stay tuned for more stuff I cook in future.


Been having a mental block lately. Do not know what to write. Besides that, nothing significant happen that is worth mentioning since my last post. In other words, I live a rather boring life. Hehe.

There was a very minor achievement though. I finally managed place an order for a sofa. Went over to a furniture shop at Defu Lane which is another industrial estate. They had quite a wide range of sofas to choose from but we were only interested in Fabric sofas. Don’t really dig leather sofas as I feel they get rather hot and you really have to take care of the leather if not they get damaged quite easily.

No pictures of the sofa as I didn’t bring my camera to the place. And the sofa will only come on the 27th Oct. Yeah, that long… 3 weeks from the date of purchase. Nope, the sofa isn’t flying in from somewhere. The sofa itself is made locally; and since they don’t keep stock they have to make a new one for me. “Macam” like custom made like that. So still gonna be sitting on my hard cold floor till it comes.

Sofa Example

The sofa design is somewhat like the above, albeit smaller in size and in a different color. So no surprises there. So do wait for the actual pics when my sofa arrives!


One of the most important thing that I’ve been told by many to have in a house is adequate and proper storage space. Yesterday, I went to IKEA again. Yes, I’ve sort of became an IKEA regular the past 2 months. Have been getting a tad too much swedish meatballs and fried chicken wings in the process.

This time I went to get shelving units for my store room. And for people who don’t stay in HDBs’, or at least the newer HDBs’, the store room is usually the Bomb Shelter. Older HDBs’ bomb shelter is usually a common one somewhere at the 1st floor.

Anyway, I bought 3 shelves; 1 smaller one as a shoe rack and another 2 larger ones to store miscellaneous stuff.

Shelves Living Room
Assembled shelves in the living room.

Shelves Living Room 2
One small, two large

So time to move the shelves into the store room. No pics though, too busy moving stuff than taking pics. Can’t get a good shot of the store room as well as I have no space to maneuver the camera to a good angle.

Shoe Shelf

Shoe shelf, NONE of the shoe/shoe box is mine
And I have another shoe rack somewhere

Shelves Store Room
Big shelves.

With these shelves, the stuff in the store room is much more organized and more space is created as I can now do vertical storage.

Total damage for the IKEA shelves

  • Shoe shelf = $35
  • 3x Extra plank for shoe self = $21 ($7 each)
  • 2x Big shelf = $90 ($45 each)

Now that everything is nicely stacked up, there’s space for Darren to bunk in when he wishes. Darren has booked my store room the first day he came and help me paint. Hehe.

You all must be sick and tired of hearing me say this but …… all is left is a sofa.