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My first Singtel Boo Boo

I’ve never had anything to do with Singtel before. My mobile line is M1 whilst my broadband is Starhub MaxOnline Express 6Mbps (Cable).

However recently I’ve decided to switch my broadband over to Singnet Broadband as MaxOnline has been horrendously slow. I usually only get to use my internet access at home during the night or during weekends. And this is the exact time when the so called BIG FAT PIPE decides to have an artery blockage or some sorts. It’s BLOODY slow. Even Google mainpage sometimes take up to 10 seconds to load and that’s totally ridiculous.

The situation seems to be the same with my other friends on MaxOnline, even those on the premium 12Mbps package. So being out of contract with MaxOnline for quite sometime I decided to take the leap and go for SingNet which is using ADSL technology (ala Streamyx for M’sian). Subscribed to a 3Mbps package (seems like a downgrade), but based on colleague feedback, even during peak hours it’s faster than the BIG FAT CLOGGED PIPE.

Back to to Boo Boo. So to have ADSL, I need to subscribe to a fixed phone line and I did just that together with SingNet. The Customer Service Officer (CSO) at the counter told me that my fixed line will be activated on 19Nov07 and that I can test it out after 11:30am.

Line Doc
Clearly states 19/11/07 after 11:30am

So armed with a new el-cheapo phone I bought from Best Denki, I jacked it in to the phone port.

New Phone
El-cheapo phone. Costs $29 and it’s even got calculator function!

No sound…. Nothing… Silence….. Did a simple test; I called my fixed line no with my mobile and behold.. “Do Do Do Do Do”… “Number Error”. Darn it. Called Singtel Customer Service; not too bad, they didn’t put me on hold for too long and it got connected rather quickly as well. Told the CSO my problem and after checking she told me,

Sorry sir, my database shows that your line will be activated on 28Nov, together with your SingNet.

What??? Oh well…… I don’t need to use the fixed line now anyway. Just hope that they won’t have any more boo boo when activating my broadband.


Cool lap…

I use a laptop at home. And true to it being a lap-top, it’s always on my lap during usage. I’m quite a lazy guy; so I’m always using my laptop whilst lazing on my sofa or even on my bed. There are some drawbacks however.

Laptop w/o support
Me lazing on my sofa with laptop.

For starters, I’m using an LG T1 Express notebook which I like due to it’s slim profile (< 1 inch) and lightweight (< 2kg) body. One caveat though, it can run rather hot sometimes that may be detrimental to my manhood when I’m using the laptop with the position above.

IKEA to the rescue!!

Laptop with support
Laptop support!!

Found this lovely laptop support thingy from IKEA. First heard of it from Leo (another Leo, not Caker) a while back but never manage to find it in IKEA. Must have been outta stock. So I was in luck on Sunday when found it. It’s a mini bean bag at the bottom with a solid plastic top for the laptop.

Check out more details here.

Been using it since and I’m loving it. You should get yourself one too!

Diamond Water

Felt a sense of satisfaction today. I’ve finally managed to install my water filter system. I bought a Diamond water filter system from M’sia and brought it in.

Kitchen Sink Filter Tap
Water Filter Tap (the one on the right)

It was a real pain trying to get the parts needed to connect the filter to my existing piping system. The hardware shop at Punggol Plaza did not have the stuff I need and the nearest proper hardware shop is at Tampines which is quite inconvenient to get to. Took me almost 2 weeks before I finally bought the parts at the hardware shop in Loyang which is near my office.

After getting the part, I attempted to fix the pipes up. After 2 hours and all wet, I still couldn’t get the job done. Took very long because there isn’t much place to manoeuvre my hands under the sink. Worst of all, one the the part I bought (the Tee joint) was defective thus causing some leakage. Fixed everything back and had to wait till I buy the replacement part. The replacement part only came in more than a week later and I got it when I was back in M’sia over the weekend.

So today after work and 1 hour later, finally manage to get the job done.

Filter Piping 1

Filter Piping 2

Diamond Filter

Filtered Water
Diamond-ed Water

So what’s the difference now that I have a water filter? I no longer have to boil my water before drinking it. Will just drink it straight from the tap. Another thing done for my house.

My Sofa

It’s here!!. Okay it was here since last Saturday. Procrastination at play here. Hehe.

So let’s not waste time and see some pics; the usual before and after pics.

Sofa Area Before
Before.. obviously

Sofa 1
Colour scheme matches the house. Nice earthy colours.

Sofa 2
And here we present YY the dog, all nice and comfy.

Now that the sofa has come, I’m really in need to start planning for a long overdue housewarming. In a dilemma though; should I hold a one day event where I invite a whole bunch of people in and get catering? Or should I have many small “focus” groups.. eg. my colleagues, peiwen’s colleague, my uni mates … etc.

So what do you think?