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Took a few pics of my plants just now. The growth is progressing well; at least I think it is.

Noticed something very subtle yet important.

See how the sprouts are all tilted to the right?

Obviously survival is the instinct of all things living. The window is on the right of the growbox where light comes in. So all the sprouts naturally grow towards that area, reaching with their might to get more light.

Well, that aside, I do have to deal with something about my seed germination that I’m unsure of.

Dual sprouts
I have 2 sprouts in each netpot

I probably can’t grow 2 butterhead lettuce in each netpot. So I think I’ll have to pull out one of them. Sigh.. Should I prepare another growing box and transplant it over? Seems like such a waste to do that. Time to think..



The seed germination seem to be doing okay so far. Here’s the picture of the first seedling taken this morning about 32 hours since I spotted it.

First Seed 32 hours later.
Grown at least 1 cm since.

Most of the seeds from the other netpots have started sprouting as well, with the exception of one. Hope will see something when I get back from today. Here are a few other pictures.

Double sprout
2 sprouted.
Single Sprout
Another single seed sprout

Homemade Pineapple Tarts

Peiwen went over to her colleague place last Saturday to learn how to make pineapple tarts. Then the next day on Sunday, armed with the one time experience we attempted our own pineapple tarts.

Pineapple paste wet
First we cook the grated pineapples. Stir and stir.
Pineapple paste dry
After a long time. Stir and stir. See it dry up?
Pineapple paste done
After a long long time. Paste browned due to caramelization of the sugars. Done
dough mould
Mould to shape the dough
Shaped dough
Dough from the mould
Shape the edges a some clipper like thing. Supposed to make the pastry nicer due to more surface area during baking.Clipped pastry
Nicely shaped.
Tray of tarts
Roll the pineapple paste ball shaped and put on pastry.
Tarts in oven.
And to the oven it goes.

And after that, it’s all done. As simple as that.

A seed has germinated!!!

A seed has successfully germinated!!! Discovered it about 11 pm just now after watching tv.

Single Germination
See that ONE tiny leaf sprouting!

I’m seriously elated right now! Here’s a flashback on the timeline.

26th Jan 2008, 12 Midnight : Started the system.
27th Jan 2008, All Day : Check on net pot … nothing (definitely won’t germinate so fast, just pushing my luck )
28th Jan 2008, 5pm : Check on net pot … nothing (I was on leave afternoon, that’s why I’m home at 5pm)
28th Jan 2008, 11pm : Casually check on net pot.. spotted something. One seed germinated!

Wonder if I’ll see more sprouting out when I wake up tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to it… Wish me luck.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming. What’s CNY without some fancy festive decoration especially since it’s the first for my new home.

One at the door.
Wall deco
Ensemble on the wall
And lanterns as well

Just some simple deco to bring the home into the CNY mood. 🙂


I have been doing a lot of stuff since my last blog update (which was eons ago…), one of which is building my own aeroponic setup.

The main intention is to attempt to grow something in my hdb flat. And what better than to grow some lettuce for salads and stuff. Anyway, I’ll keep the story short and show more pics of the whole setup.

Box, Net Pots, Pipes, Pump
We need an aquarium pump, PVC pipes, PVC joints, net pots, opaque plastic box
Drill Net Pot Holes
Drill some holes to place the netpots.
Use a holesaw to do this.
Holesaw-ed plastic
Remains of the cover after being sawed.
Holes sawed and netpots in
All holes drilled and netpots in.
Drilling water holes on PVC Pipe
Drill holes at the PVC pipe to direct water to the netpots
Testing the water flow
Attach the pump to the pipe and test the water flow.
Checking netpot for water
Check if water sprays into the netpot
Final check
Final check if all water streams hit the net pots. Add nutrient solution and cover up.
Full assembly
Fully assembled! Finally!
Leca balls
Fill netpots with leca balls and growing medium (vermiculite)
Butterhead seeds
Place the seeds in. Two in each netpot. (butterhead used)
Final location with lights
Water the seeds with nutrient solution and start waiting.

Well, that’s about it so far. Anyway, I didn’t really go into step by step detail as well as explain how aeroponic (mine is not true aeroponics by the way) works. Let’s leave that till next time if my seeds do manage to germinate. No point me telling you guys all that if it’s a failed project. So stay tuned in the next few days. I’ll put up a post if i succeed in germinating the seeds.