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Friend from way back..

The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller lately.

Bumped into and old friend last week. I was down in town for some work at a client’s office and when leaving I heard someone call my name. Turned around to see a familiar face; luckily I could still match this face to a name and I called her back looking very surprised. She’s actually my primary schoolmate!. Can you believe that? The last time I saw her was….. primary school and that’s like 16 years back! She actually remembered my name. I was wondering in my mind whether I did something awful to her that she still remembers me today. We exchanged contacts and I added her to my MSN.

So today I met up with her for dinner. Another coincidence is that she actually lives not too far off from my place. In actual fact, it’s just a few bus stops away therefore we met up some place convenient for the both of us. During dinner and coffee afterward we chatted quite a bit reminiscing about the past as well as catching up on each others lives. Talked about common friends from primary school with many ‘familiar’ names popping up here and there (I actually forgot most of them.. primary school was way way back). Then found out that we had some common friends out of primary school which I didn’t know until today as well.

All in all, had a really nice time catching up with this old friend of mine. So with this, I do think I should try to make some effort to contact some ‘lost’ friends. And I think that you should too…



After many weeks since the initial germination and growing stage. I hereby pronounce that my first hydroponic butterhead a resounding failure. Well, maybe not resounding but indeed the result was not as expected. Here’s how my growbox looks like now.


Does it look like butterheads to you? Guess not. Looks like a bunch of weeds. Here’s a close up.


The leaves are definitely growing. But it just doesn’t seem like it’ll morph into a butterhead anytime soon.

Initial research on this matter does point to the lack of light, causing the ‘trunk’ to not strengthen and support plant. My plant is now kinda leggy and can’t support itself.

It’s back to the drawing board for me. I’m not giving up. I’m now thinking of designing some better lighting for the growbox and will attempt the butterhead again. Will post up my 2nd attempt when I start it!

Election 2008.. What a shocker!

It’s been a real hectic weekend. Full of surprises and anticipation. I’ve not felt this excited for a very very long time.

Went back to Johor Bahru to vote on Saturday. No way am I gonna miss voting this time round. I missed the last election as I didn’t register and I’m a fool then. No more such silly mistakes this time round. Made sure I register and exercise my rights to vote for a better Malaysia.

I’m sure everyone knows the results by now. The opposition WON BIG. They manage to secure 82 seats in parliament which was way way up from the 20 seats they mustered the last election.

Opposition captured Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, Perak and even Selangor. Selangor was a real shocker for me. Penang was no surprise considering a lot of big guns from the opposition contesting there. Kedah and Perak no doubt surprising, but it was no shocker. Winning Selangor would signify the discontent of the urban intellectuals against BN.

Not much change in Johor where I’m voting though. It has always been a BN stronghold and I must admit the opposition scene in Johor is weak. Not many high profile oppositions here. Hope the big win by the opposition this time round will introduce more credible oppositions in the state of Johor.

Malaysia is going to slowly change from now on and I do hope it’s for the better….

To my Malaysian friends who don’t vote nor care about the politics in Malaysia, I hope that you can start to spend some time to start doing so regardless of where you may be. Without having a clear picture of what is going on and not exercising your right to choose your leaders, don’t ever complain about Malaysia….