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Weekend Trip

Just had a short glutton trip over the weekend. There were 2 main objectives for the trip. Food and more food. Okay maybe not just food but also a chance for me to bring out the camera for a shooting spree.

Before showing some of the pictures that I like, I would have to say that it was a really enjoyable trip. Had good food and good company. From JB Bak Kut Teh to Melaka Chicken Rice Ball, From buckets of Heineken at Geographers Jonker Street to Elephant Bean Coffee at Muar. Every place, every dish, every drink was just truly enjoyable.

Toolshed at Mintat\'s house
Toolshed at Mintat’s House

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Just some random shots of beer that I had at home. Basically to play with my camera.

KilKenny my sis bought from duty free from her trip back from Taiwan.

Hoegaarden from my trip back from Phuket

Erdinger Dark
Erdinger Dark from NTUC.

Pouring Erdinger
Enjoy your beer people. I know I sure did!

Aeroponic V2 – Day 10

Here are 2 pictures from my Aeroponic V2 on Day 10.

Aeroponic V2 Left
Butterheads on the Left

Aeroponic V2 Right
Butterheads on the Right

If you look carefully, there’s a stark difference between the picture on the left and on the right.

The plants on the left seems very ‘leggy’ whilst the ones on the right are shorter and stubbier.

This is interesting as both of them are germinated on the same day and they are growing under the same lighting. Let’s see how this goes after a few days.


In the recent months, I started to play around with the Rubiks Cube again. First time I played with it was more than 10 years ago. During that time I just followed the instructions in the sheet that came with the cube. Averaged about 3 mins to solve a cube then.

Picking up the cube again this time round, I started to look for different solve methods to improve my timing. And I’ve somewhat settled for the Roux Method for its simplicity.

The following is a video showing me solve a cube using the Roux Method. It was filmed earlier today by Caker using his mobile phone. The timer program on the notebook was created by Darren. And it was filmed at the CrimsonWorks (where I work) town office.

It was a lucky solve as I usually average around 1 min these days. Hope I can improve the timing even further in future!

Aeroponic V2

With the failure of my first aeroponics attempt with my supposed butterhead looking like a weed, I now present to you version 2 of my aeroponic setup.

I blame poor lighting as the cause of my first failure therefore version 2 concentrates on having a better lighting system.

Aero System Rack
Remember the rack I mentioned in the last post?
Inside aeroponic rank
It now houses my aeroponic grow box and lighting system.
CFL Lightings
2 x Philips Compact Fluorescents

I chose 2 x Phlips 20 Watt Compact Fluorescents for the lighting. This will dish out about 2500 lumens and hopefully this time round it the butterhead will look more like a butterhead. So here’s a pic showing the lights on.

Lights ON!Bright enough eh….

So if it fails to grow this time I shall give up…. or maybe not. I’ll just try to grow something else. Hehe..

Random photos

Since I have not been updating my blog lately, thought I’ll just post some random pictures that I took lately.

It’s taken with a digital SLR that I bought 2nd hand recently. Didn’t really have time to take it out for some serious snapping, so it’s just a few pictures that I took in my house and surroundings of where I stay.

Of course the pictures are very amateurish since I’m a newbie here.

Outside HDB 1
Outside my HDB
One of the blocks
HDB Blocks. I stay in one of these
HDB Night 1
Some palm trees downstairs
Downstairs at night
Downstairs at night
Germination 2nd attempt
I’m regrowing my butterheads! Will blog about it soon.
New rack for light system
New rack. Will blog about what it’s for soon.
What I had for dinner last weekend. (We cooked it of course!)

Well, that’s all for now folks.