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Aeroponic V2 – Day 37

Another update for my butterheads. Requested by my colleague Ellen as she’s been quite interested in the progress of this pet project of mine.

Day 37 for my plants are looking not too shabby. There’s visible growth and the it’s looking more like a proper butterhead lettuce.

Looking nice and green.

Starting to slowly wrap up.

Based on what I read over the internet, I should be able to harvest around day 50, which is about soon. Will post and update then.


RPK, I truly respect you

Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), you’re truly and oddball whom I truly respect. For the uninitiated, please read Raja Petra charged, chooses jail over bail from Malaysiakini reproduced at Caker’s blog.

Now that he’s been charged, the whole world will know what he’s championing; the whole world will know the contents of the article Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell is all about; the whole world will know how the Malaysian government is making and arse of themselves by giving free publicity to Malaysia-Today, RPK’s blog

Will we see a “Walk for RPK” with thousands and thousands of people showing up to show their support? Probably so, and if possible I will be part of it.

Aeroponic V2 – Day 25

Just some minor updates on my butterhead. It’s growing much much better than my previous batch. It’s now starting to actually look like butterheads.

From the pics above, we can clearly see that it is not “leggy” and it’s now slowly beginning to “wrap” into a proper lettuce. Looks like there it’s gonna be successful this time round.