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Photo Wall Populated..

After procrastinating for many many months, I’ve finally printed and framed a few photos to be hung at my Photo Wall.

I selected some photos that I’ve taken from my Japan Trip recently (yeah, I didn’t blog about that… ), printed it, framed it with some cheapo Ikea frame and here’s what I have so far.

Assortment of pictures from Japan

Assortment of pictures from Japan

Another angle

Another angle

Well, sorry about the weird lighting. The photo wall doesn’t really have proper lighting yet. Now brainstorming on how to get some lights there to shine at my photos. That’s another project for another day.


Photo Wall

Peiwen decided one day that we should have a photo wall. A wall where we can hang some nice photos that we might have. That of course is something I would like as well and voila, we identified a wall and went off to get some paint to make this wall a nice feature photo wall.

We settled on this Kiwi Green Nippon paint and started work immediately after.

Prepping up the wall

Taping the door frame with masking tape.

Nippon Vinilex. Mixed at a hardware shop. Kiwi Green Colour.

The painting begins.

3 coats later.

The finished product.

Pretty decent don’t you think? The Kiwi Green fortunately goes quite well with the colour scheme of the house. So all that is remaining is to slowly hang photos up there.

New kitchen and bathroom flooring

Spent some money and got some new flooring for my bathroom and kitchen. Previously it was normal tiles with rather noticeable wear and tear. Didn’t do anything to it when we moved in last time due to lack of funds as it would cost quite a bit to hack and change them.

Well, we didn’t hack them off this time round as well. Just had some people come in to “glue” a layer of decorative flakes on top of the existing tiles.

First off some old pictures of the existing flooring of the bathroom and kitchen. Notice the stains which can’t seem to come off even with the all powerful “Easy Off BANG”.

Doesn’t look all that clean and eye pleasing ain’t it. So here comes the people from Xtoria Marketing with their gear and they start work.

Protected the cabinets with newspaper. Cleaned the floors.

A bucket of the decorative flakes. It’s like sand..

Put a layer of adhesive on the floors and spread the flakes.

Close up of the flakes before lacquering.

Some interesting custom clogs. Used when they are spreading a layer of hard lacquer over the flakes so they don’t have to step directly on the lacquer.

New shiny kitchen flooring.

Clean bathroom.

The whole process took about 6 hours. Most of the time was actually spent waiting for adhesive to dry and lacquer to dry. Basically we couldn’t use the toilet for the whole day and the earliest we could use the bathroom was midnight. Anyway it was fine since we went back to JB right after when they were done and once we were back the next day all was good.

The total damage? $1.8k for the 2 bathrooms and the kitchen. Not cheap, but less expensive and time saving compared to hacking and re-tilling. Did I mention we LOVE the results?

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming. What’s CNY without some fancy festive decoration especially since it’s the first for my new home.

One at the door.
Wall deco
Ensemble on the wall
And lanterns as well

Just some simple deco to bring the home into the CNY mood. 🙂

Diamond Water

Felt a sense of satisfaction today. I’ve finally managed to install my water filter system. I bought a Diamond water filter system from M’sia and brought it in.

Kitchen Sink Filter Tap
Water Filter Tap (the one on the right)

It was a real pain trying to get the parts needed to connect the filter to my existing piping system. The hardware shop at Punggol Plaza did not have the stuff I need and the nearest proper hardware shop is at Tampines which is quite inconvenient to get to. Took me almost 2 weeks before I finally bought the parts at the hardware shop in Loyang which is near my office.

After getting the part, I attempted to fix the pipes up. After 2 hours and all wet, I still couldn’t get the job done. Took very long because there isn’t much place to manoeuvre my hands under the sink. Worst of all, one the the part I bought (the Tee joint) was defective thus causing some leakage. Fixed everything back and had to wait till I buy the replacement part. The replacement part only came in more than a week later and I got it when I was back in M’sia over the weekend.

So today after work and 1 hour later, finally manage to get the job done.

Filter Piping 1

Filter Piping 2

Diamond Filter

Filtered Water
Diamond-ed Water

So what’s the difference now that I have a water filter? I no longer have to boil my water before drinking it. Will just drink it straight from the tap. Another thing done for my house.

My Sofa

It’s here!!. Okay it was here since last Saturday. Procrastination at play here. Hehe.

So let’s not waste time and see some pics; the usual before and after pics.

Sofa Area Before
Before.. obviously

Sofa 1
Colour scheme matches the house. Nice earthy colours.

Sofa 2
And here we present YY the dog, all nice and comfy.

Now that the sofa has come, I’m really in need to start planning for a long overdue housewarming. In a dilemma though; should I hold a one day event where I invite a whole bunch of people in and get catering? Or should I have many small “focus” groups.. eg. my colleagues, peiwen’s colleague, my uni mates … etc.

So what do you think?


Been having a mental block lately. Do not know what to write. Besides that, nothing significant happen that is worth mentioning since my last post. In other words, I live a rather boring life. Hehe.

There was a very minor achievement though. I finally managed place an order for a sofa. Went over to a furniture shop at Defu Lane which is another industrial estate. They had quite a wide range of sofas to choose from but we were only interested in Fabric sofas. Don’t really dig leather sofas as I feel they get rather hot and you really have to take care of the leather if not they get damaged quite easily.

No pictures of the sofa as I didn’t bring my camera to the place. And the sofa will only come on the 27th Oct. Yeah, that long… 3 weeks from the date of purchase. Nope, the sofa isn’t flying in from somewhere. The sofa itself is made locally; and since they don’t keep stock they have to make a new one for me. “Macam” like custom made like that. So still gonna be sitting on my hard cold floor till it comes.

Sofa Example

The sofa design is somewhat like the above, albeit smaller in size and in a different color. So no surprises there. So do wait for the actual pics when my sofa arrives!